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Veterans embody the resiliency and passion for building towards something bigger and embracing the challenge of creating a better world that makes people thrive at Uber. Our Military, Veteran, and Partner (MVP) Program offers global opportunities for the armed forces community as you begin the next chapter in your journey—no matter where you served or supported someone who has served.

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Military, Veteran, and Partner Program

If you’re considering making the jump from the armed forces to the corporate world, you’re in the right place. My name is Michael Pett. I’m a retired, disabled veteran of the US Army and Army National Guard and I lead Uber’s Military and Veteran’s Programs. In 2014, I made the jump from ROTC Cadre to recruiting military veterans and spouses to join the consulting industry. Today, I help veterans and partners from the armed forces, probably like yourself, find the next chapter of their careers here at Uber.

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