Hitting the road in September in the VetFriendly Truck

How powerful is the “Network”?  Every week, I get hundreds of requests to connect on LinkedIn, and most times, there is nothing attached to the request explaining how this connection will benefit me, or how I may benefit them. In most cases I accept anyway just out of habit, but what good is having so many connections if you never connect?  I have pondered this quite a bit lately given I am embarking on a cross-country road trip to actually meet with my network. The VetFriendly Jobs Initiative is a coalition of companies who are teaming up to hire at least 100,000 veterans and military spouses by 2020. I have committed to get out and actually meet with veterans in my network and will be driving the truck most of the time. I plan on sitting down to get to know people both personally and professionally and putting actual faces to my network. Below are some cities I will be visiting in September, and I would love to meet with you when we come through. We are not setting dates in stone yet given many employer events are still being planned, but we will let you know here days before we hit each city.

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