VetFriendly Jobs Initiative

Hiring 100,000 Veterans by 2020

VetFriendly Jobs Initiative

Veterans Hired Through November 10, 2019


Member Companies

Veteran Recruiting in partnership with industry leading companies are committed to ensuring the men and women who stood up for America have the tools, resources and opportunities they need to competitively enter the job market to secure meaningful employment. Through the VetFriendly Jobs Initiative (VFJI), we aim to help at least 100,000 veterans find rewarding careers by the end of 2020. if your company has at least 100 full-time positions available, and a commitment to hiring veterans, we encourage you to join the VFJI.

Veteran Recruiting will host multiple virtual career fairs throughout the year to connect veterans with companies who are serious about hiring them. If your company would like to join our efforts to help at least 100,000 veterans find employment, simply fill out the attached form below, and a Veteran Recruiting representative will contact you directly.

View the VetFriendly Jobs Initiative sponsor kit here

Thank You for your interest in the VetFriendly Jobs Initiative. We are thrilled you see the value, talent, education, and work ethic that veterans add to the workforce. Before signing up for the VetFriendly Jobs Initiative, you should know that you will be required to support our efforts to track how many veterans are hired each quarter. We ask all partners to send an email to all new hires letting them know of your company's involvement in the VFJI, and provide a link that they can access should they choose to include their information as a veteran who has been hired.

We will keep a running number on the website of all veterans hired, and update each quarter.

Is your company willing to report how many veterans you hire each quarter, and to send new hires an email regarding the VetFriendly Jobs Initiative?